Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Five Songs That Bring Back Memories

1) At Last by Etta James

This was our first dance at our wedding in 2005. So original aren't we? I swear I hear this at every wedding but it still makes me think of my own. It also makes me remember how we forgot to pin up my train and how I kept tripping on it. Thank goodness for my bridesmaids who came to my rescue and danced with us holding my train.

2) Annabel by Don Henley

I can't find a clip of this song online because it was never one of Don's hits but this is the song I have sang to Gabi almost every single night of her life. I love this song so much. He wrote this song for his little girl and the words are just absolutely perfect.

3) Complicated by Avril Lavigne


This song was just at the perfect time in my life. A teenager in love and it not working out. Many of days driving down the road singing this at the top of my lungs.

4) Poison by Alice Cooper


I was the oops baby of our family meaning I came much later after my siblings. This is a song I always remember from my childhood. It was played alot in my house with two teenage sisters!

5) Crazy by Patsy Cline

This song has been on my mind alot lately. I just lost my uncle to cancer and this was his favorite song. I remember everywhere I went with him he would have them play this song. I especially remember dancing to it at least three times on the night of my eighteenth birthday. I had traveled to spend my big day with him because we were very close at the time and he was always the cool uncle. He took me to a very exclusive private club at the top of a skyscraper. We ate dinner and then danced the night away to a singer and pianist. Now I cry when I hear the words but am so thankful for the many memories.

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